Carissa in Tight Bondage starring Carissa Montgomery

This unusual clip contains second camera footage from our scenes BG0645, BG0646, BG0647 and BG0649. Jack had a second camera (HD) running while he shot the scenes so what you are getting here is a combination of the scenes and outtakes. It feels like you are on the set while the scenes are being shot.


Betrayed for Bondage starring Carissa Montgomery and Loren Chance

Carissa has hired Jack and Loren to rob her and leave her tied up so she can collect some insurance money. From the start, she is not into being tied up and complains about the tightness of the ropes. Who can blame her? Jack and Loren really tie her securely, including her elbows. Carissa gets really upset when she is ballgagged and Jack and Loren start cruelly groping her.


Pretty Uncomfortable starring Carissa Montgomery

Sexy Carissa, in short skirt, push up bra, hose and heels, is tied in a very uncomfortable position. Jack has been hired by her kinky boyfriend to tie her up and torment her. When Carissa hears this she is horrified and struggles hard. Jack gropes her and terrorizes her.